TF3 Megatron Robot Scaling importing from 3DS Max 2011

I’m trying to get Megatron from the TF3 game (his new one, not his alien tank form from TF2) and I already have the obj of him with the textures and everything and before I import him, does the file alreadt have him properly scaled accuratly?

In case your wondering, I got the file from Goreface13 here:

As an added note, Megatron has his fusion shotgun attached to his back. Is it possible for me to make it separate from him so he could hold it in his hands?

P.S.S: The textures seem to act weird once he shows up in Max. The textures are all blurry except for his head and shotgun, but when I render the model and a pic of what the rendered product looks like shows up, everything’s fine. Does that mean it’s done, or am I missing something?

Bump. Just want to see if this gets solved quickly. I want this thing done and ready for Gmod/SFM badly and soon.