A quick map edit I did, to make construct look better for the tf2 gamemode, tf2 poses, and so I could see what a tf2 themed map would look like
^please fix

minor edits include…
-Changing the whiterooms button model
-Removing most of the models in the skybox
-Changing the water texture (the tf2 ones would not reflect properly)

Really, garry gets all the credit
just thought I should put out a map i have had for a while.

Texturing looks like shit.

More specifically the grass. It’s stretched way too much.


It’s a retextured default construct

Also, go lrnwutblocky is before commenting


The youtube video is filter raped

SOme of the wall textures looks kinda cool. but not that interesting…

why post “quick” maps?

I love this!

No. Joking. Why the f**k you decompiled construct and textured it with some shit?


Whatever. It is pointless, the map is ugly.

This song in your video, brings back nostalgia.
Is it from time splitters 2?

That is true, but its better than most of the maps being released around here lately.

It is. Return to Planet X.

looks more like team fortress classic

How about trying to making seem like Team Fortress 2s mapping? Explore the maps for a bit and see how everythings done, get inspired and making something epic.

Looks like hl 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Interesting map :slight_smile:

Needs Tf2 water.:buddy:

These building in skybox looks gay

The textures look like shit and the lighting is just plain shit.

I’m not trying to flame here, but what the hell, man? It looks like you decompiled construct and changed the textures…