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.::::TFA UK|NOWIPE|x4Resource|Tp|Homes|0Dura|iCraft|Active Admins|Short Night|Kits|Looking For Staff::::.

.::::SERVER IP::::.



No durability!
Instant crafting!
Falldamage off!
No Injury!
AirCandy @ 2 players!


  1. BUSHY COIN AND KILLS - earn coins to use our teleporter!
  2. TPA - Teleport to player /tpr “Playername” or /tpa
  3. HOME - Set your home /sethome1 or /home1
  4. REMOVER - Type /remove to destroy your unwanted building parts! Refunds including!
  5. GROUPS - Build your groups and chat in your own private chatroom! /ghelp
  6. KITS - Yep! We have 3 KITS for you! /kit starter /kit hunter /kit beginnerbase!
  7. HISTORY - Chat missed? Type /history or /ghistory if you are in group and see what you have missed!
  8. PLAYERS - look how many players are online right now! /players
  9. DOORSHARE - Share all of your doors with your friends! /share or /unshare
  10. LOCATION - Lost on rust island? Try /location and use to see where you are!
  11. AUTOMESSAGES - an automatic random messenger about some of our rules or server plugins!
  12. RULES - Yes, we have some rules for you! Pls read the rules and play fair! /rules
  13. FREEZER - Tool to freeze hacker/cheater!

Reward “voter” including:

  1. Leather Helmet
  2. Leather Vest
  3. Leather Pants
  4. Leather Boots
  5. MP5A4
  6. 250x 9mm Ammo
  7. 10x Large Medkit


  1. No racism or flaming in chat!
  2. Uses the available chat orders! /help /rules
  3. Do not build suicide-bases! Admins will REMOVE them!
  4. Lootboxes and rad-cities are free for all. Do not build around them! Admins will REMOVE the buildings!
  5. Respect the rules! Play fair and have fun!


  1. The admins will only use their administrative rights to KICK and BAN cheater, hater or flamer!
  2. Admins/owners pay money for the fact that you can play here. Give them a little respect!
  3. Admins are players searching for some pvp action, raids and fun! NO ADMIN ABUSE GUARANTEED!
  4. Handle with that fact or pls search for another server to play RUST!

I recommend, good server, very grateful that no wipe :slight_smile:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Spam / Advertising" - Craptasket))