TFA-VOX || Modular Player Immersion Framework


What is TFA-VOX?
TFA-VOX is a modular system originally designed for player callouts, but has expanded to include capabilities for general enhancement of gameplay through several key aspects and triggers. Originally designed as an open-source reimplementation of Filzo’s Player Expression Mod, it’s expanded exponentially in features and capabilities.

How Modular is VOX really?
For the end user, TFA-VOX has its own internal addon-like hierarchical structural system, allowing you to toggle or tweak any feature at any time. For developers, VOX’s modularity includes a full-fledged API and set of streamlined functions for them to utilize.


What models are compatible?
All Player Expression Scripts (PES) that are currently available online are completely backwards compatible, provided you have the PES converter module enabled.

Default features
What’s a framework without loads of compatible modules on it’s own? TFA:VOX includes loads upon loads of preconfigured modules for users to enjoy and developers to use as guidelines.[/T]

TFA:VOX offers complete modular support through any number of variable types, including strings, integers, colors and even floats as defined by the module, all in-game through a sleek interface inspired by material design.

**I’m a developer who’d like to make a module. Where should I start? **
All relevant information is outlined on our wiki.

This all sounds amazing! I’d like to learn more!

Where can I get this?

TFA - Lua, Visual Design,Visual Assets, Trailer
Bull - Spiritual Support, Spotting module help, consulting, ideas