TGA Clan

On the server of Battle of Rust there was a clan.A clan of 3 people and they all sucked.I was dominating those 3.Then they got mad and started accusing me of cheating.I recorded the rage.Sorry i was too quiet it was 3 AM and could not be any more louder.

Ugh it was them raging not me.

I play on this server also, but yesterday out of nothing i got banned because i was hacking they said… i never hack, never got banned before and other servers i can join without a problem… but a couple of hours later i could join the server again, weird shit haha

but nice vid :slight_smile:

Change server, naming and shaming wont get you anywhere.

EDIT After skimming through the video, I agree that they’re far from mature.

Thank you all for:
-Entering this post
-Watching my video
-Replying with nice things
-Having some common sense left