th c00l kidz comic pat 3 - teh saga continUd!!

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reel deel!!

is THAT how you progressed in making comics since 2010? hell no!

Well now, I was suprisingly entertained. Reminds me of the Half-Life: Full-life Consequences thing.

this brings me back to my days

I miss the Official Troll Pose Thread :\

Best comic of all time.

of all time


I’m sorry, but this isn’t funny, not even ironically. At least, not funny to me.

itz k
anyting i shud do to improv?


maby u can do sum actshuall criticsism insted of just dum???

Terrible posing, needs better spelling, and much more plot. Needs to be 20% less stupid

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Reminds me of Half Life Full consequences. Without everything that made it good.