Thane and Grunt killing some eclipse guys

I’m not very happy with this, but I thought I’d post it anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

Original for comparison:
C&C :slight_smile:

i’m not happy with it either, I don’t like it much, posing doesn’t seem right to me

lighting looks pretty awesome

Not bad

not great but not bad

Grunt with an SMG? Ha, good one.

Idk what weapons he uses, can you comment on something else then what weapons a krogan uses.

and for future pics I make, what weapons does he use?


He likes to get up close and blast people

Shotgun goooood

Remember to blur effects so they match the depth-of-field.

when did the Eclipse merc’s get their hands on geth plasma shotguns, they where only salvaged by cerberus and research teams

still good pose. alot better than anything ive whipped up

lol, I only got those dlc me2 weps. I didn’t find any other. So yeah… I just picked something that looked appropriate.

I only just started playing me2 yeasterday.

Its ok