Thank you devs..

Recent Changes!
Helk 3 hours ago
• All building parts except Foundation, Pillar, and Ceiling are now destroyable!
• Added Explosive Charge item, easily takes down a door but very difficult to craft
• Added Kevlar Pants, Kevlar Shoes
• Added Radiation suit armor
• Rebalanced all armor stats

• You can only build foundations on Terrain
• You can no longer stack wooden boxes (temporary fix)
• Fixed M4 holosight clipping the near plane when firing in ADS mode
• Grenades should no longer bounce erratically
• Grenades are slightly easier to construct
• You can now see the damage to walls by the shade of their color (darker = more damaged )
• Doors now leave a ‘corpse’ which lasts for 5 minutes. You can not place a door ontop of a door corpse (Should make it slightly harder to defend )
• Sleeping bags now have a 4 minute cooldown ( Should make it harder to zerg attack a base )
• Fixed alpha channel on some icons
• Barricades are now higher to prevent jumping over them
• Ceilings should be easier to place when under the target spot
• Radiation armor will lower the screenspace effect but you’ll still hear the geiger counter indicating the radiation level in the area
• Melee weapons now properly grab the right impact effect if the target object uses hitboxes
• Destroyed building components have a death effect
• Metal doors are significantly harder to craft

<3 Ty helk, Garry, pat, and whomever else is with them :slight_smile:

Really good update. Keep up the good work.

Well Done, Rust Dev Team :dance:

I’m interested to see how destroying walls will work in game :wink:

I like this.


Seems like a great update. Can’t wait to try this damn game out soon.

From what i’ve seen these changes will make things a lot different. Especially the destruction of walls.

Actually I’ve got some criticism about one change. The boxes aren’t stackable now. I understand people would stagger them to reach someones roof which is understandably unfair and horribly unrealistic but what about making it so that you can stack them adjacently rather than staggering them off to the sides?

Love destruction of walls, at least we can fix up our mistakes.

Well done devs! :dance:

I’m just glad that rocks don’t bleed anymore

He said that it was a temporary fix. They probably want to fix it right and not rush something in. This was an easy and quick fix in the interim while they work on a permanent fix.

Great changes, and If anybody complains just remember it’s an Alpha :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re right i mean it’s not like it’s possible to criticize something before it’s finished

completely impossible

There will probably be a lot of houses on pillars now with ramps to jump to them.

I dont get the point of having doors if all the walls can be destroyed, thanks for the update tho!

The walls are much, much stronger, the doors are the ‘weak’ spots

Not bad

I think we should be-able to reinforce walls with metal, walls are way easy to get into.

Here is the problem though. With destroyable walls, you have basically made multiple-story houses useless. Assuming you have a 3 story house with your loot at the 3rd story, and doors from the 1st-3rd. A person can just completely ignore all the security of your bottom floors by building a staircase leading up to your 3rd story, and just break down a wall and have your 3rd story breached without needing to go through the 1st and 2nd…so now…your walls are the weak spots…and you can’t do anything about it.

The only way to make a secure house now, is to make it 1-story with 2-3 layers of pure walls on the outsides. But even that has flaws.

Also, you made the game even MORE troll-able. Players can just completely block people into their houses by destroying the ramps that before were used to prevent foundations from being formed, put their foundation in, and wall off your door.

Now, you may say, well hey, you can blow that door up now…problem with that is, it cost you WAY more resources to blow up each wall, than it did for the troll to place it…and they can just keep doing it again and again.

it’s a survival game not a house building game