Thank you everyone!

Probs go to Facepunch (Garry, Helk, Pat, …), uLink and the Facepunch community!

We all go trough this together.

Thanks for not giving them (The exploit abusers) what they want and fight against them for a total of 4 days!

We are strong and we can overcome every obstacle that gets in our way!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and keep up a big beautiful smile! :slight_smile:

So its fixed then? Source? This is good news if so!

Not quite yet but Garry Tweeted he had a breakthrough.

Yeah, that I saw. I was also able to get into my server and play it for about ten minutes a couple minutes ago with no lag or rubberbanding.

So I am curious if they fixed it or not myself.

It’s fixed for most of the servers.

That doesn’t mean they fixed it. As happy as I am hear to hear that news. Yesterday the FR guys let up on the attacks to give people a twenty minute break. Then started it up again.

Is their a source of Garry or Devs saying its fixed and Mission Accomplished.

No, Official Servers maybe. Not Community. Where do you get your information?

Hopefully this is a real fix, and not a ‘We arrested the guys’ fix. Because that just tells me that Ulink didn’t fix the problem and someone else is just going to abuse it later.

I’m hoping for both, Fix and an arrest.

Hey people the community servers probably need the patch downloaded and the server has to be rebooted without the patch the problem will probably still occur.

Exactly, I keep reloading my Steam looking for a patch.

I also tweeted Garry inquiring a guess for community fix.

He probably pushed this patch to the official servers first to test

Our community server just works fine.

This. Community servers must have the patch installed manually in order for it to take effect. This is different than Steam patching the client.
Garry cannot push the patch to community servers, it must be done by the server owner.

The community server I admin and another I play on have both been running for some time (couple hours) with no lag issues. Fingers crossed that it’s been resolved.

Why are you giving us credit? Also give some props to the ddos team for letting some of these kids see some sunshine.

Same, updated my server (I’m at work) and my buddies have been playing about an hour with no issues (That I’ve heard of).

For supporting Garry and his team with everything.