Thank you garry

for helping me successfully waste my life away =D i loves you

Joined This month, 4 posts only, “Successfully wasting my life away”.

I don’t get it.

he did make you know… “garry’s mod” and rust but on a better note in not much of a forums guy

Still not registering as “Wasting my life away” to me. There are plenty more things to do than just Gmod, or Rust.

Garry’s hipster fanboy detected

who the hell would waste their life away on facepunch?

people with ebola :wink:

No, those people are just wasting away, and quite rapidly in most cases.

Bring back Smartness and autoban please

safe geeze garry xx

Garry didn’t make Rust, he funded it.

It’s like I’m really on the minecraft forums.

proboards proboards proboards proboards