Thank you Helk, Garry, the entire team.

Just want to say thanks for listening to all of us assholes.

I think the “I think this is wildly overstated with most complaints” says it all. There was ground for some of the HQM balancing complaints people had, but the “it’s the end of the world for single players” people kept harping on about was rather exaggerated. You can’t expect a major change like that to be perfectly balanced on implementation. It takes time to observe the effect and make adjustments to balance it.

But I’m glad they’re doing this.

Also this, holy shit this:

Now if they could only work on optimizing the client side…

This update made playing on my laptop possible. Before my laptop would average 15fps on very low settings because it would not use the nvidia card, but now it finally does and on high settings I am getting 60+fps! Thanks Gary and team!

Previously my servers were running at 130fps, they’re running at 260fps today after the update. :flex:

Yup, I love these devblogs. I tried Rust for the brief time it was free years ago, then bought and tried legacy and found it rubbish. After playing for a couple of weeks now I can honestly say its the most fun + pretty survival game and best managed EA game I have seen so far.

The biggest problem with these kinds of games in EA is that they get stale very fast without patches, yet with Rust they manage to make meaty substantial updates every week and do very informative devblogs on future stuff and who is doing what. I feel much less frustration to the more annoying parts of the game because I know that a whole load of things are probably gonna change in a weeks time, and I trust them to make good design decisions.

Also it was a relief to see that there was an acknowledgement in the post that the BP system and methods for acquiring them are kinda trash/counter intuitive at the minute.

Need too say too tank too Garry … and dev team.

Yeah, I totally agree. If you look at the last two Dev blogs you see Facepunch staff are very in touch with players and get their concerns. Its amazing to see them take feedback and improve the game based on what players are saying. Gathering, solo play, rad towns, barrel grind, hackers - they have acknowledged all of our concerns about these things.

I will post on the forums to bring up issues in the game (like hacking) because I want to ask them to fix these things, but there is no reason at all to complain about this company. They do an amazing job.

Thank you.

hear hear, i think this patch rocks, and I really notice the improved serverside performance that must have been a very pleasing fix to make.

Dont bow to pressure to make hqmo easier to get, just make the process of mining it as vulnerable as possible. The rarer it is the better - the value of hqmo is very motivating, and stealing it even against well organised groups is challenging but great fun. The harder the guns are to come by the bigger the sense of reward. If anything is perhaps too difficult right now, its the cost of research - its just too expensive for a solo player to research hqmo-based items.

I’ve had full faith from the beginning. Facepunch is an example of developers that actually deserve your money and time.