Thank You SweetSwifter / Inspiration Thread

This is a message out to SweetSwifter.

Thank you, you removed my mappers block. I’ve had it for about a year now.
This is the map that helped me remove it, I strongly suggest anyone with mappers block takes a good look at this.

So yeah, thanks again man.
Post your pictures to help promote inspiration.

Then fucking send it to him in a PM. Do you really think the rest of the community cares?

I care :love:


Not to mention this is an inspiration thread. Not to be confused with the reference image thread.

Then my map is working pre-released. I must be a whole new kind of awesome.

Just kidding. Ilu to. :h:

That looks fun to make.

A toast to SweetSwifter, one of the finest mappers on Facepunch! :cheers:

D’aww, thanks hawx. I personally don’t think I deserve that though. I still need a lot of practice.

You saying that is like saying JLea’s work is shit, Which it totally isn’t!

raises glass To SweetSwifter! And to all the Facepunch mappers! drinks all at once

My inspiration

Later finds out he is an alcoholic :v:

666 posts :eek:!

I agree. SweetSwifter is amazing. :buddy:



Come on guys. I really don’t want to put myself up to par with people like JLea, oskutin, Firegod, Lamarr and Miiga.

Just because they are well known, doesn’t mean they are the best =)

I have to say, you give normal mappers a chance.
Oskutin, JLea and Firegod are among the gods. The problem is they are so god like even Zeus and Allah have trouble keeping up with them.

There are no “Gods” of mapping really, everybody is good at their own thing, myself for example I suck at creating a good storyline, but abstractness and surrealism I’m fairly good at.


What :v:

Sorry but I’m tired EXPLAIN!?