Thank you

Just a thank you video with a huge mash up of everything I’ve done over the past couple years and subscribers with a little special thanks to you guys (Facepunch) at the end for support, critique, ect. Enjoy!

I really don’t see why people like dasboschitt have over 200k subscribers and you barely have any.

I mean he can be funny at times, but you’re really good with editing and making videos. You need more love.

God, your videos are so great. Such quality.

Keep on trucking, mate. Regardless of subs, don’t ever stop being so fucking awesome.

People more focused on Dr. Face, DasBroSchitt and other people than more artistic gmod video makers. Very good video regardless of fame

Just realized I wasn’t subscribed to you, lemme’ fix that.

Your videos are great,Im suscribing.