Thank You

This may seem like a weird post, not even sure if it’s appropriate to post here, but I just found out today that this project exists and is a successor to Garry’s Mod, so some really nostalgic emotions came out. I have a career and opportunities in life because of what Garry & the team created years ago. As a kid growing up, GMod got me into PC gaming and programming through creation of game sized gamemodes. I spent over 3000 hours from the age of 12 to 17(I’m 25 now) coding gamemodes(that I sadly never finished and were incredibly detailed(maybe even too detailed and poorly optimized for specs at the time LOL)) and all of that experience led me to jobs and opportunities I’d be absolutely lost in life without.

Without GMod I’d be homeless due to the circumstances I faced after graduating from High School, but because of it, I had enough GitHub projects and understanding of programming that I grinded my way through multiple jobs using different languages, frameworks, knowledge in multiple areas of software, etc. without any college degree. Now I work in FinTech(after bouts as a web dev, full-stack & mobile app dev haha) with stable pay, benefits and other things I struggled for so long to get to for over 7 years now. All because of my knowledge of Lua(yes Lua of all things in today’s development world!!). So to all of the original Facepunch forum members giving help or inspiring me with the WAYWO threads, to the Facepunch dev team for GMod and Garry himself, thank you guys so much for everything and for bringing a new project inspired by GMod.

You guys made learning to code as a kid so much fun & I can only imagine what this will do for prospective game devs and other kids who may stumble upon the gold mine that your platforms have been.


Wholesome 100 :hugs:

I hope you’re happy to learn that S&box will be all about gamemodes this time around, although in more of a Roblox sense of the word.


Emailing this to garry right now.


This is a beautiful message for the Facepunch team, I hope they see it.


I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Hope I have some free time, one thing about GMod was my scale for personal projects was always too damn big haha. I think now I’ll have some better insight going into it :slight_smile:

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Me too, those guys have done far more good than they know :smiley:

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wow, I also share a similar journey, Glad to see you’ve found us! Cheers to FP :clinking_glasses: :beers: