"Thanks for the money, fool"

Still pretty new on photoshop and fooled around with the burn tool and ruined the pic.




Work on your posing… It’s a bit akward and try using zoom on your camera tool to make the angle better

This is like a HL2 unvirse picture right? I find it hard to believe that post apocalyptic bandit would wear a suit, but other then that it’s okay.

If it’s just a farmer being robbed, why did he destroy his house/cabin?

Maybe he found that suit and wants to be a cool bandit.

At first I was like “well there’s 5 seconds of my life I’m never getting back…”
Then I saw the 2nd pic and the way he is walking really cracked me up.

Besides the posing, the angle in the second one looks pretty nice, just need to zoom in a bit more.

I expected mister T :frowning:

Does fp have a mister T model?

maybe he’s a conman, a crooked businessman, or a hitman

hl2 universe seems unlikely, so any of those instantly become feasible

Hehe, I guess he could be a lot of things :slight_smile:

the second pic is realy artistic, atmospheric

Learn to pose before you learn to edit, also 2nd picture is great