thanks for the vac ban garry

wtf though seriously? this is an updated ban

(User was banned for this post ("dumb thread, not a help and support thread, shit posting" - postal))

Email Garry if you have an issue.

Uh…K, you posted the same thing on a popular cheating forum.

I’m 99.9% sure garry doesnt VAC ban you VAC auto bans you if you use detected Hacks etc…

VAC in gmod only bans people for specific things, it’s not like CS/TF2 where it tries to figure out if you’re cheating.
It simply bans based on if you’ve used a module/hack garry has blacklisted.

Thanks for the info Pantho

that was my friend m8

cool banning spree, oh yeah acc in below pic was globally banned before; how do i hack on online servers when im bannet1?1

Can’t wait to see this thread in Bottom of the Forums once postal sees this