Thanks Garry my girlfirend thinks i'm weird now

<<Girl friend walks in>>
GF: Why are you playing a naked girl?
ME: Oh, I dont have a choice they updated it.
GF: Why is your friend a guy?
Me: Oh it’s based on your ID
GF: Why is your ID a girl?
Me: It’s based on your account number
GF: How come you were a guy yesterday?
Me: Because they just added in the girl model and it changed
GF: You can’t change it?
Me: No, the game picked it for me
GF: That’s weird, why don’t you wear cloths
Me: Because i’m broke and dont want to craft them
GF: Okay
<<GF: skepticalhippo.jpeg, leaves room>>

Good story.

I hate when that happens

and when my mom saw my character she thing its alike porn or something thanks again for tits but they are too small and i dont want to play with tits

When your G/F comes in, alt tab into youporn and then she’ll be all like, oh good, my B/F’s normal. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

well if it was the male character your mom would also think you’re gay

think about that lol

so we need bigger boobs

All of my clan members throw me stuff to wear because they dont want to get in trouble in real life lol

It’s because they’re gentlemen. Not everyone is twelve you know. :class:

Are there less females than males, as I am yet to see one?

Be honest. She already thought you were weird. Amiright?

I showed my girlfriend that I’m now a black girl and she just said that the shape of the body doesn’t look right for a black female. Nothing else.

My internet is too bad to play Rust.
I hope that I’m still a generic white dude.