Thanks Garry >:(

>says he “hacked” Gmod and fixed it
>breaks every game mode and doesn’t give two shits

Mine works fine. Its just you.

You’re being such an idiot that it’s hard to comprehend. OF COURSE he doesn’t fix gamemodes. “garry perp broke fix plz!!”. It’s up for the scripters to fix shit when Garry breaks it. And in all honesty, you should be glad that it broke as GMod wouldn’t even be working if we were on the older version of GMod.
Also, stop using that > implying. We are not on 4chan.

Also, this is why we can’t have nice things. Shit like this is what pulls down the GMod community.

I know that ratings don’t matter (and they don’t), but I find it hilarious that I was rated dumb by the OP.