That 70s Show Basement Release

Hello everyone I decided to make a replica of “That 70s Show” Basement. I dont want to say its exact but, pretty close.

Here is a pic of the real basement,:

And here is mine!:

Of course you cant really tell by a picture. But, you can tell by going ingame and playing it!

so ENJOY!!!

Here is the Download:

You should have used the actual giant spool thing for the table…

I was going to but the spool is too big.

Doesn’t Resemble pretty much everything, im afraid.

But it make’s a pretty good house interior map.

Thank you. And yes i know it doesnt resemble everything but, i might actually do parts of the house at seperate times and then link them all together into one!!!

needs work but ok

lol octagon

1870s version of a spool

If this is your first map (or you’ve only been mapping a short time) then very good effort. Save a copy of the vmf somewhere, do a few other maps and come back to this one in a few months/years. You’ll find a lot of new ideas to detail it up and make it look exactly like in the photo.

You did far better than I could of done in my first few weeks of mapping.

If you’ve been mapping for a while… Well I’ll just go back into my corner.

Could have had more potential