That account doesn't seem to own GMod.

I cant figure how to set it to prove i own the game, any list of stuff you need to do to login and fix it?
This takes me to a 404-File or directory not found.

also tryed to follow
This wont seem to work for me, as i got no link thingy. i only get “login” and when i click that i get back to the headline of this thread.

Do you have legit gmod…? ¬_¬

Your steam community id throws up an error, I think we could a have a bearded man with a hook hand and a parrot on his shoulder here.

Actually, can you tell us what site you downloaded gmod from? Maybe we can help from there…

If you actually bought the game from steam you wouldn’t be having this problem, now would you?

Signs of a pirate

  1. doesn’t work for them
  2. they either cannot show you their steam profile or will show you a fake one
  3. their facepunch account is made less then a month ago

I don’t mean to troll but I think you may be a pirate.