That annoying noise in Rust..

Greetings !

Does anyone know what that annoying “sounds like an airplane” noise is in Rust? If you really listen to it you’ll notice it sounds like water…

I could see a point that you’d hear that if you would be near the coast.

But even if you’re far away you keep hearing it.

Annoying if you ask me.

Am i just the only one who’s bothered with it?

Forest/wind I think.

I’ve heard it too, makes me look up waiting to see an airplane that never comes :stuck_out_tongue: not really annoying to me personally, just placeholder ambience sound :stuck_out_tongue:

I comes from a certain direction, not sure if it always remains that…

I spent a hour or more trying to find that plane. I could hear it and it sounded like a plane flying over but way far away. So I ran in the direction i heard it. When I got out deep into wasteland east and on top of a mountain, the sound stopped coming from in front of me and was then coming from behind me.

That’s when I realised it is the sound of the ocean. Thats what i believe anyway.

It does come from one direction and you can follow it and walk around it. It simulates wind and is annoying as shit.

I also find it annoying since it can come through one side of my headphones more than the other, and that bothers me.

I think these sounds comes whenever buildings are near, to be honest.
Found this out when i was about to record the c4 ticking and the breaking wall sound effect straight after, i crafted 4 c4, placed both of the c4 on the wall, went back to edit it, and i heard this annoying noice, so i went back on the game, i spawned far away from everything, i instantly noticed that i did not hear this sound where i was, so i went back home, crafted wood foundation, 2 pillars and a wall, and took the c4 with me. As soon as i placed the wall, the sound came. I tried to move a few meters away from it, and it disapeared, tried again, same thing. So i was not able to record the c4 ticking without that annoying noise. Well, i have no idea, this is just my experiance with this.

I thought it was just me.

Every time it hits my ears I look around frantically.

maybe u play too much?:smile:

soo directional sound bothers you?

personally i dont notice the sound much, so it doesn’t bother me.

Thank god someone points this out. It is driving me crazy, but since I’ve never heard anyone about it I assumed I was crazy or my sound was fucked…

Directional ambient sound bothers me. I’m all for crickets chirping and stuff but you’d think it would be pretty even sound distribution, not something you can practically pinpoint and walk around on a dime.

Exactly this. The sound of wind isn’t distributed as it should be.

Placeholder sound. If that’s the case I’d wish they mute it.

What really gets me is the load knock noise as you draw your bow back. The 1st few times I would release my arrow too early and run like hell… :-/

Guys that thing that sounds like an airplane comes from the music. Turn it off and u won’t hear it again

it comes with the music i think

Yeah, this sound bothers me. Every time I hear it from certain angles, it almost sounds like an arrow whizzing by my head. Also, I play with the music off, so it’s not that.

You play without music, and i have no music in my game, don’t know what to do, i re-installed game, but it did not fixed issue. I have second computer, and i have music there, i tried to copy game, but it’s also not fixed issue… And you play without music?? /me cry

I didn’t hear the music for a long time, then it suddenly came back… Didn’t change anything.