"That bitch scratched me" "You'd better cut your arm before poison affects at ya body."



Bogans can’t comment at this thread.


You’d better cut your arm before poison affects at ya body.

EDIT: Guy right in front of the witch has his foot super-clipping into the ground. Also the guy to the right of the injured guy is stealing his radio.


EDIT: Some definite feet clipping issues also took like 5 minutes to figure out what was happening too cause it’s way too blurry

The entire reason I, and others, said “stop using brown” was because you slathered your pictures in it. The picture was DOUSED in shitty highlights and contrast. Obviously, it just meant to stop applying shitty color effects over your image, which you did again but this time you made it blue, which is just as terrible.

What’s going on in this picture? The background is so burned out that it’s impossible to see what’s going on. Once again you managed to screen blurry layers on top of the image to emulate bloom and then throw on a bunch of blurred overlay layers to compliment (by compliment, I mean ruin) the picture as a whole. Any sense of thought out composition is entirely nonexistent and there’s just too much going on.

Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Are you such an arrogant prepubescent baby that you have to ignore everything I and numerous others have told you not to do?

I dont ignore your advice, but your way of speaking drives me mad. it looks like trolling too.

Also, the guy to the right of the shotgun guy has a hovershield apparently, since neither of his knees are on the ground, but they’re really bent. Like, really, REALLY bent.


If you’re such a good listener, why have you yet to make a picture that isn’t absolutely awful? Oops, because you don’t listen. You’ve been caught in a blatant lie—stop piling more on top of it.

If you think you’re better than anyone else, try submitting yours here.

ignore that guy

he’s a troll and he wants to get you angry

I personally love your pictures and this is one of the better ones; keep up the good work!

thanks man, but who is that guy in your profile picture? I can’t remember…

I don’t know what the fuck is going on in the picture, but I like it. The contrast works well with it.

Ah, I remember it. Itou Hirobumi. So I changed my profile picture that matched with your. :slight_smile:

hello? im park J.H

Family reunion…?

Anyways, I have to agree with 10569. He does have a point that all of your pictures do have the same exact style of editing. Broaden your horizons a bit.

they should bring back instabans and give them to anyone who even ironically suggests anyone ignore constructive criticism

they should also give them to people who say something is nice just because they lack the balls necessary to point out any flaws (and there is not one goddamn picture posted here so far that doesn’t have any, even the masters make mistakes).

by the way people saying “well you do better” - not only has he done just that, you are also perpetuating the single most infuriating and pathetic excuse for not accepting criticism. it’s how people get stuck in a rut and never get any better and you should be ashamed of yourselves for passing it along.

ddok, instead of overlaying the whole image with ONE COLOUR, accentuate several colours or just leave them as they are. the world doesn’t magically start looking brown or green or blue or orange depending on what’s happening and using colour overlays has been done to death already.

1:12 AM - Stawfesh Hitlur: you can bring your girlfriend and meet me at the hotel room


aka Ddok


nice and i want those models