That Camcorder vibe.

As the title might’ve hinted at, I tried getting that Camcorder vibe. Did I succeed?
Noise edited in with GIMP.

Bonus, I guess.

Edit: Yeah, I know about the fucked up shadows.

Wow, the Camcorder Vibe picture looks like something off of Facebook, great job!

And yes, I KNOW you said the shadows suck in the second pic, but it just looks like you need to turn off Self Shadows (Obscure video game joke)

Self Shadows a reference to Oblivion, by chance?

Also, I agree, the first screenshot looks uncannily like home video or grainy photo, good job.

“Captain Price likes this”
lol u guys are so cute together. cya on the training field

Just with… Aliens.

And yeeah. I guess I should have turned off the self shadows and shaded the picture myself in gimp, like with the first one, I guess.
Edit: If that’s even possible in source. Oh wait.

you can make it look a lot more like camcorder if you add some pixelation and real compression artifacts.

if you just add fine noise like you did, it makes it look cinematic. or a photo

Righto, thanks man.
I’ll keep that in mind.
Actually I just tried getting that photo vibe anyways, I’m Norwegian, not sure with all these English words.