That cow is a sp-Waaghh!

Done in like… 5 minutes :]

Oh it was done in 5 minutes, then this is just absolutely extremely fabolous A++ work!

You should never post stuff that you made in 5 minutes unless you are some sort of miracle worker and you manage to make something decent.

Really then? Well, i’m not going to take Half an hour to do -that-…

Actually make me lol.

Thats good :slight_smile:

it’s called puting effort into it. And also this exact idea has been done like atleast 14 times. I can remember all the different 14 ones. (yours isnt counted)


Look at your pics, they would go under the category “not post worthy”

Is “asshole” your default mode? He put up some bad pictures. Advice him not to do so. You don’t have to be a dick when you do it.

common sense is the keyword