That darn EVOCITY Cave!

I have the evocity_v2d and it has the crashing cave. But when I go onto other people’s servers, the caves gone. I know this is “noob-ish” but how can I get rid of the cave. Do I just use this map:


If I use that map, only people with THAT map can connect though… but with other servers you can connect with the normal evocity map…

So what do you want?

how do i get rid of the cave? I dont want people crashing it…

Best idea I can think of: Block it with props. Just shove a whole lot of props in the entrance so people can’t go in.

tried it, a mingebag somehow got in. But on other maps, its not there…

net_maxfilesize <amount> (mapsize here)

I think thats the command. People who connect will download it.

ok so they will download the map?

Should yes.

Why does it even crash, anyway?

I think it was a easter egg by Sgt.Sgt.

Nope, it wasn’t intended but it was kept anyway.

Because sgt.sgt was just starting off his displacement work around that point, and attempted to make a cave. It was not successful as soon as GMod went over to the EP2 engine. Turns out to be some physics problem.

The EP2(OBE) update actually hindered the progression of evocity2, till sgt.sgt figured out a command that made ec2 work and even subtransit to work properly.

And from what I can recall, Sgt.sgt is not going to be making a evocity1 bug fix. [sp]he probably is[/sp]

He already fixed it but didn’t bother re-releasing.