That Demoman is a spy!

Or maybe he just doesn’t like the scouts on his team, who knows?

C&C turn me into a happy panda.

Awesome. Just plain awesome. Good amount of DoF but not too much, decent posing and an original idea.

Nice. I lol’d.

expected crap

mind was blown

This is rad.

If that demoman isn’t a spy. He’s going to have broken teeth after the scouts have bonked him a few times.

The posing is awesome, epic pic mate.

You raped it with blur and you raped it well.
Awesome posing too.

Very nice, I like the weirdness off it.

“I am sick and tired of these BLOODY Scouts in this BLOODY base!”
I like it!

:krad2: is what I think.

Nice lighting but you went a little heavy on the depth-of-field.

I don’t what it is, but whatever you did made it look really nice.

This reminds of that scene from The Warriors where Cleon was framed for the death of Cyrus.

Announcer: Team Killer!

too much DOF… but it’s cool anyways.
Also: do you imagine an engie instead of the demo? NEED A DISPENSER HERE NEED A DISPENSER HERE NEED A DISPENSER HERE !
Or maybe the headache the demo is gonna suffer because THEY’RE GONNA HEADBUTT HIM

Those Scouts are either racist or they don’t want someone fucking their moms.

Thanks for the nice comments guys, I almost forgot I made this thread. :v: