"That guy is cheating!"

“He’s standing on the plane!”


Edit by Killerzombie, posing by me. C&C





Edit by ChestyMcGee, posing done by me.



Very well done. Good job !

Thanks, also, please give me detailed critisism on how to improve.

Top one is good, second one is so generic though.

there’s far too much grain on the first one imho, it’s all way too dark to be the middle of the day

the vignetting is too strong and so is the grain, and why didn’t KillerZombie remove that plane’s landing gear

I agree with you on the grain although I feel it gives a certain sense of confusion that really adds to the picture. I also quite like the lighting, I find it very good for the composition rather than it being blinding and bright just because there is an explosion in the daytime.

hahah blast from the past what a bad edit i’m sorry

Thanks for the critisism, greatly appreciated.

Dat constructive criticism