That Heavy Is Will Smith

I made this :]

It was quite hard to make the Heavy keep up with the rap, so the end is a little … messy.

Hahaha, would love to get the full song

Use Media tags, please.

Video’s awesome.

L O L made me guess what.
Nice Vid.

The ending garble made me laugh.

Good job!

Oh wow, that was great. Try making the full rap as a followup? But yeah, haven’t laughed like that in a while.

Sounded like complete gibberish at the end.

I laughed, nice video.

Oh my god.


LOL the gibberish at the end sounded so hilarious, can’t figure out why.

I seriously want your babies.

Nice voice editing, though the fast part towards the end did get a bit garbled though. However, that kind of makes it more entertaining.

Haha good work

SO awesome.

Prlinshshs of bller

Awsome ! Do more.

Thanks guys :]

Any ideas for others songs?

What about Poker face and they all go nuts.

Finish the whole song, please! That was awesome!

Do a thomas the train engine one!

(Fun fact, there is a Fresh prince of bell air version of thomas the train engine theme song too)

bitch its tank engine!