"That Horrible Flashback...."


The posing is…Well, I’d rate it 6/10, The guy on the left, looks like you’ve statue’d him and posed his hands only… It’s a good idea.

I see a zombie in the background

Thanks for the review mate!

Oh, BTW: That’s not a Zombie it’s a wounded refugee crawling with blood, GROSS.

i know it’s a flashback,but it doesn’t have to be so fucking bright
and yeah,what znalecc said

Meh, i dunno it’s a bit… dramatic effect.

Sorry to say it, but it’s kinda ‘‘Eye-Raping’’ effect too, no offence.

Yeah maybe i have to practice my “dramatic effects”

The posing is pretty terrible from my point of view, actually.

I like the idea. Do it again when you’re better at camera angles and posing.

What Henry Townshend said. Altought, I like the guy on the right hand side’s pose, even thought the pistol looks rather out of place.


The blood sucks, try to make some yourself instead of using the spray tool. Too bright, too. Guy with the AK-47 on the left… wtf? His pose is fail. The dead guys look like you just kind of… spawned them an sprayed blood all over them.

turn the brightness down

The guy in the middle is actually posed pretty good, focus on him more next time around. :buddy:

Poor Refugees/Rebels :frown:

Nice idea, poor execution.

I’ve seen some of your work and I can see you have some potential.

Just keep practicing and things will start to click.