That might be interesting for you.

A new machinima!
Hey guys! I and my team have decided to make a new machinima called Warped World. I cant tell all details here on that forum, so PM me in Steam if you interested in it.
What’s the problem
We need to voice our characters, but we haven’t got enough people to do this. We need like 17 - 25 years old people.
We not gonna start right now
We still have some things to fix and more stuff. We have custom add on pack, to send you. You can’t find that add ons anywhere else. When we will have much people, we will start, it’s your choise.
Almost all things done
You don’t have to download anything, unless our add on pack, which we will send to you. Only thing you need to download is Skype, to send through it. It’s the better way to send stuff, we could find. Any questions about machinima, in steam.
Door Closer

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title yet again" - postal))

Oh lord, another shitty idea by Door Closer. You didn’t even give us the plot.

Really, or you didn’t read the fucking thread. I can’t tell all the details on that forum, because that forum contains some fags like you.