"That Nick guy always stares at me."

C&C as usual.

Great posing and faceposing. I feel like this picture has some really cool backstory that we can make up for ourselves, and the idea creeps me out.

Nice work.

I lol’d at Louis’ face

But…Ellis is supposed to like Zoey :saddowns:

Whoever said Nick liked Zoey?

Pills here !

Very nice screen.

Your right. That’s just Nick’s “I’m going to face-rape you” face.

Coach also seems to be staring at Zoey.

Ah, but he doesn’t have snake-yellow eyes now does he?

Rape is inevitable.

Don’t make me get into this subject.

I see Louis is still with the Pills addiction.

maybe nicks a rapist

No, He’s floored by the fact that he’s not the token black guy anymore.


Well if I was the last woman on earth (Rochelle is not), I wouldn’t be surprised and I’d let him fuck me.
After all, that’s kind of a present.


I dunno why you’re all thinking rape. I was thinking that Nick knows something bad about Zoey that no one else knows.

Or that nick is a snake/lizard man and only Zoey knows the truth and if she tells anyone, he will kill them all instead of just harvesting some of them for parts for his space ship which brought the zombies there in the first place.

…or something like that

Keep it to the creature part and you pretty much got it.