That One Bounced!: Episode 1 (A prequel to the Bounced Off! series)

So uhhhh, heres another movie I made(Took only 6 months to do it. -_-). For those that dont know, I do World of Tanks/Gmod machinimas. This one is intended to be the first of 3 prequels to the BO series. Episode 1 has a Russian focus to it, applying the Company of Heroes 2 soundtrack as well as some of the voices. While I am mostly satisfied how this one turned out, I am not sure if I will continue this prequel series due to the fact that I should be working full time here soon and the amount of work each film requires is huge. I wont deny the possibility of creating more though. Its hard to say at this moment in time.

Special thanks once again to everyone who helped out on this. Without them, this film would not be possible. For more information about this film, please read the youtube description.

Artwork above created by FuzionInfinity.

Really good use of music and great use of voices dude! Also, are those footages from World of Tanks from what I understand combined with gmod overlays on top? Like the part where Barney talks outside the tank?

Yes. In Gmod its filmed on a greenscreen. The tank and the character are in Gmod, while the background parts are in World of Tanks.

The dialogue splicing is pretty great, your best yet, and it made me chuckle in a few places. I’d say that you should get some better props and interiors, but that’s part of the charm.

That was pretty funny and yet had dramatic parts in it. I LOVE IT!

What maps you use for inside the tank?