That pesky !IsValidGamemode error is at it again!

Hello there, I need help setting up this addon I have been configuring lately.
I downloaded an addon from the workshop known as Gun Gaym, in which I used the Gmad extractor so I could prepare it for my dedicated server.
However, before adding it to my dedicated server, I tested it on a listen server, and here’s what happened:

Try 1:
Did not appear in the gamemodes box, so I consulted the creator who advised me to replace the addons.txt with a similar “gungaym.txt” from an older version that was not from workshop.

Try 2:
Following the creators instructions, I proceeded to load up the gamemode, however I was stopped in my tracks half way through when gmod crash and this appeared:

The creator did not know what to do after this point and suggested it was something with workshop.
I have done some research on this error and it appears to vary.

So now I am asking you, fellow gamers and developers, what I need to do to solve this problem.
Here is my current folder set up:

If you need to see my cl_init, init, or other files, please inform me. Thanks for the help!

In the second screenshot, gungaym.txt doesn’t belong there, it belongs where you have it in the first screenshot. I doubt that will solve it, but you never know.

EDIT: Last screenshot doesn’t look right at all, I don’t think you should have the gamemode folder inside another folder

Are you sure you’re using ? That one looks like it’s from GM12.

Thanks, this solved it.

Yeah I’m sure. Using what wh1t3rabbit said, I took the github version and basically copied the folder structure and implemented it into the one from workshop. Worked and all is well. Thanks!