That Red Pyramid Thing

Scene from one of my favorite games. All in game effects, no editing. Model for Pyramid Head is from, James is one of Rusty’s survivors from his Zombie Pack, and the map is GM Blackgrass.

And some of the making of pictures:

Getting them positioned.

James’ flashlight was actually an invisible lamp no clipped in his chest.

The finished “hallway.” The ends are painted black to make it seem dark behind James and PH.

C&C appreciated. I should have made a floor before I started, and if I ran it through photoshop I’d probably add noise to make it look more in game.

The pose with the light(the montage)is bad but without light looks awesome,like in the game.Photoshop or gimp is your friend.
Ig you don’t know,there is a better and cooler Pyramid Head.

That’s Very Creative.


Having played both SH2 and 5, I like the one from 2 better. It makes the picture more authentic too.

Can’t see a bloody thing. Too dark.

good scene building.

It’s amazing how more then half of the screen is black in the first 3 pictures.

This is the most awesomes scene build i’ve ever seen.
kalixx suck, yours are better!