That thing is getting closer

This is my first “serious” pose, but I wanted to share it with you people so you could tell me what can I improve.

Warning --> Huge fucking pictures incoming.

This one was editted in gimp as you can probably tell.

And this is a raw file with in-game colour-correction.

that lens flare shouldn’t be there if you ask me.

You shouldn’t use pre-rendered lens flares.

The lens flare keeps getting closer

what i was thinking

Thanks for the input guys, I’ll make sure to keep away from the bigass flares.

you live up for your name don’t you

Why the hate brother, can’t you post nicely like the other guys did.

battlefield 3 graphics

You should try zooming in too, see the left part of the screen where the 2 stacked crates end, that space is empty and unnecessary, you can just cut it out by zooming in on the right part of the picture

Good job being a prick.

What’s that on the crates?
that looks like poop

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oh wait that’s a dildo


That was my attempt on building a scary corpse-zombie-alien thing but it was not really succesfull. The overall darkness and camera angle and lack of zoom didn’t help showing him either.
Thanks for all the help guys, I’ll take that in account next time.

I actually think that’s a pretty creepy design. If you take everything in here into account with your next picture, I can imagine that’d be a much scarier thing to see.

Yeah, man.

And actually, I am a beginner like you, too.
Look at this thread.

We’re all learning afterall. :v:

Thanks guys :downs: