That was horrid.

I was playing on Neonmonkey’s Build Server, in a sky fort. I was CP and Gun Dealer for a while and it was going well, had a good amount of shipments and was selling them. Then a person joins CP and starts being a dick, random arresting, ect, ect. We demote him, and he screams RANDOM DEMOTE!!111. He goes Gangster with a few others and continues to attempt to hack my base. I shoot them all when they’re outside my door hacking my keypad all pointing guns at me, and EVERY SINGLE ONE says “random deathmatch wtf” and demotes me.

How the fuck do people like this even get their mums to buy them Half-Life 2?

Isn’t this you know, just about every darkrp server. This is all youll find in darkrp. This is the fun in darkrp, the crazyness and randomness. You’ve got to move on if this isnt what you want.

No, not really. You only find this shit on the bad servers with either no admins, or incredibly shit admins. Do your research.

BuildRP != Good RP

They most likely got the CS:S + Gmod package.

It’s just about ever server I’ve seen, or ever been on. The good ones are in the select few. I’ve been joining darkrp servers since the game mode was created. I can count the good ones on my fingers.

Also: haha neo

Not my server. PM me if you’re interested…we have over 10 addon packs. including helicopter, vu mod, and more. and are map cycling through downtown v2, cscdesert, downtown v3, evocity v2d.
once again pm me if interested

When ever I’m playing on Dark RP servers I always find a way to make people roleplay a War of The Servers thing as a joke. It’s fun to have everyone in belief that the server is infected with a strand of M1BL4WL Virus and you need to quarantine suspicious people in the downtown supply building. (One next to furniture store) Then you take the furniture store and form it into a vault/bunker and get the cp to hook up radios(pcmod XD ) and basically act as if a real situation was happening. It’s also pretty intense when your on a server with weather mod and you have to fall asleep at nightime with guns blasting off at people who are roleplaying infected players.

I actually did all of that on one server with a lot of people who played along and it got so intense that during a council meeting we had a council member freak out and the cops dragged him out and all you heard was… BANGbody falls to ground “A Company removing corpse.” *you hear fire and then a jeep with a wheel barrel follows behind to dump off the body in the sewers… It was bone chilling. Really felt like a WOTS/Apocalypse. One kid got so deep that he ended up crying over his mic telling a story of how he lost his favorite server in a mingebag bomb raid.

I’ve watched an idiot 10 year old rush into my home to kill me only to trigger a booby trap that resulted in massive cranial damage by a large unstoppable contraption (He was hit in the head by a stove rigged to fall when the door opened.)

I need to experiment in sandbox to find the most reliable and deadly minge traps possible to use against mingebags.


I also remember the time I sniped the asshole mayor in another rp server with a silenced sniper rifle some guy was so kind to give to me, and that son of a bitch couldn’t figure out who shot him and his mad quest to find the perp resulted in him losing office.

this happens in nearly every rp server, i cant find a decent server where i stayed on it for over an hour which i rp (i found good sandbox servers)