"That'll keep the antlions happy for a while"


Mostly in-game.

I like it. I love how the overwatch soldiers looks sort of harmless with their eyeglow, yet still scary.

thats pretty fucking boss

Lovely, soft and atmospheric.

My only gripe is the angular ground, other then that, pretty much what Cheesecurls said up there.

I like how misty it is and the glows from the soldiers helmets is kewl. All in all, pretty sweet pic.

I really love the atmosphere of the pic, cold and creepy: Just the way I like it :v:. The glow from the soldiers’ helmets are a very nice touch. Good work as always, bro. I’d like to see more of these kind of screenshots in the future. :buddy:

cold, creepy and in the back of my trunk

just how i like my women

I prefer when they’re still slightly warm.

Boring as shit, but it is very atmospheric.

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Actually guess it doesn’t matter if it’s boring

This is great, the glows look sweet

Nice glow effects.

Yeh, who gives a toss? :v: