"That'll teach him'"- engineer walking through the halls with the spy's head

first post!

also my first time trying to edit blood


would like any C&C to help me.

You could have made the blood darker and edited some gore around the Spy’s neck.
Otherwise, excellent first post! :buddy:

I tried to get the blood around the spy’s neck but I couldn’t get it right.

anyways thanks, this is the original:


feel free to edit it

the placement of the blood is pretty damn amazing, but the actual blood needs a little work, especially the blood on the spy and the floor.

Make it darker and it’ll probably look much better.



This is great

that looks much better

still needs a little work but it’s getting there

I think making the blood look too dark and realistic in TF2 pictures ruins the art style. It’s fine.

This is great!

thanks for all the great comments, hopefully I can whipout more like this one.

I hope He’s okay.


I like the bloody hand print on the engy.

Engineer looks cool and edited blood place balanced.