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We welcome you to join a community server created from two combined servers, We share the love of modded rust servers and hope to support the latest and most entertaining mods for the benefit of the community. We feature a lot of PvP encouraged mods as well as other fun ones.

Server Configuration/Information
-Oxide Supported
-Minimum of 5 players online for the airdrops to occur
-Auto save enabled to ensure zero data loss
-No Admin Abuse or Admins under 18
-Half Craft
-100 Slots

Server Mods
-Auto Save (every 10minutes and when a player connects or disconnects
-Global Market (In game Economy–Currently selling resources) /ehelp /money /buy ect.
-Door Sharing /share “name” /unshare “name”
-Custom Loot and Airdrops (Custom loot lowered and raised chances–full list will be available on our site)(Airdrops will drop less c4 (Still includes them) but always have a random weapon excluding bow/melee (obviously bolt action/m4 chances are low)
-Extended Chat History /history… displays last 20 messages
-Player List /who /list
-Private Messaging /Pm “player” “message”
-Groups and Clan management /ghelp for information
-Kits (can only be used once but are changed weekly) /kit. to recive /kit “name of kit”
-Tickets (Sends a support ticket to any logged in admin and via email) (/ticket “message” appears Answered/open/closed)
-Global join/leave notice (Soon will display global death messages)

-No spamming of the chat
-No racism/complaining
-No hacking-Exploiting
-English in chat is preferred

Connection Guide

  1. Launch Rust
  2. Press F1
  3. Type Net.connect
  4. Enjoy!

Market Guide
-Currently Zombies are the only way to gain money $12 a kill until we make a certain item the second form of currency, The exchange rate will be worth $20 and sell for $20 (Credit or Cash concept) also if someone wants to hoard said item in their house instead of putting it into their global wallet that’s fine.
-PvP aspect- our plan is to set it up so when a player is killed by another player they gain a % of their total wallet (unless they store the “cash” part of it in their homes)
-Store mainly Carries resources such as Wood,Ores, Stone, Ect…

Admin Information
All of our admins are fair and helpful. we currently have 2 admins and 2 Server mods. (an Admin or Mod is on almost all day)
-Black Lotus
**Server Has Been Up Since 1/13/14 **

All The Server Information Can Be Found Easily On Our Website At http://thatmoddedrust.webs.com/