''That's a long way down...''

I seriously couldn’t think of any better title.




My friend did the edit. -> Fifak96 <- That’s his profile right there.
Feel free to comment and criticise it.


What do you mean?

nevermind, they work now

Considering most of the picture isn’t even gmod…

That’s an awesome scenebuild! Wait. . . You didn’t make it . . .? Oh. .

EDIT: Also, there IS a skyrim mountain/rock/foliage(kinda) pack, you could have just made that, and it would have been a lot cooler then just posing a dude on a horse on one rock prop.

The first one you did was pretty neat but it’s starting to get dull.

is it just me, or did you remove the picture?

I’ve actually made a scenebuild version, however it looks really bad, so that’s why I didn’t include it.

Lemme tell you a story about this pose: In the beginning, I got this awesome idea I could use for a pose, while listening to Oblivion OST. I turned on Garry’s Mod and loaded a scenebuild_storm map. There, I posed a horse. Well, when I say posed, I mean just spawned it and used the Stand tool on it, 'cause I can’t pose animals. Then I spent a while looking for a good looking khajiit model, since there are no human models, but I’m working on that one. I put it up on the horse and then I moved onto the scenebuild, but alas it was too far into the night, so I just decided to throw in a green screen and finish the build later… But I forgot about the pose until a few nights back.

… I finished the scenebuild, but then I found it bad and I thought ‘‘Hey, my friend wanted to edit some Garry’s Mod poses for me, so why can’t he do this one?’’ and so I sent him the green screen version, he edited it and the rest is history.

I suppose this story was a bit pointless really.

Yeah, I made this one a while back and had my friend edit it, so I just posted it here. I’ve already moved on. So no more Skyrim… for now.

It’s probably just Filesmelt being a bitch. I’ve had the pictures uploaded to a different site, however some people couldn’t see them, so I switched to Filesmelt.

Nice scenebuild, posing and editing.

How about this song for the theme?

Why not just post the scenebuild version? You’re digging yourself deep. So you didn’t even edit the picture, much less give your friend credit for the editing? I mean, you did, but you could’ve linked to his profile or something or listed his username. If all you really did was use the stand tool on the horse and pose a dude sitting on it, IMO would’ve been a lot better to post the scenebuild version and get rated on that instead of something that’s only 20% your work.

I didn’t post the scenebuild version, because I didn’t like it. And one of the things I’ve learned here is ‘‘Don’t like it? Don’t post it.’’. You’re right about me not giving him a lot credit, so even if it’s a bit too late for that, I’ve added his Steam profile to the OP.

EDIT: 1000th posts, yay.

That’s fine, I’m just saying.