"That's a new Kaiju!"

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Full resolution version(I hope):


fixed that for you

Godzilla or that thing on the left is badly posed. Same for the thing on the right actually. Don’t get if he’s dodging the fire or getting hit from it, it looks like the fire completely missed him and he’s further away towards the background, tripping due to some unknown cause. Bloom effects are weird and cut off. Fire effect is pasty and lacks detail.


don’t user bloom when taking pics with Poster

did the atomic breath miss the jaeger or what? why does it just… end mid-air like that?

Got to admit guys, I fucked up in this one

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I only saw that afterwards, so sorry for that one. The fire breath is moving past Gypsy body and leg and he’s jumping out the way kinda thing.

i thought the atomic breath was faster than that, jaegers move relatively slowly after all

The new Godzilla displays it as this sort of napalm flamethrower sort of breath, that’s the easier way I can describe it, also the Jaegers tactical read out would tell then what was coming, I mean the tail glowing to the tip of the head like in Godzilla 2014 tells you something’s coming. So I took it from that basis, I may rework this to be honest.

thanks i appreciate the spoiler