That's how things work in Texas mah boy!

Don’t you fucking step on my scentry or I send you back to ye old mother’s VAGINA!

Engineer iz credit to team.

mphh mph mmmphhh mhhpphh!!

What an horrible piece of work, it would have never happened in the battlefield. Engineer, don’t you move I’m coming to stab you.

J’arrive pour te poignarder monsieur!

You cowerin’ Canadian sissies wouldn’t know good posing if it came up and broke your spine in two.

Bend over, it’s time for your examinazion! ARSCHTUNG!

combo breaker

huh,did you guys team up to make all these comments or what?

I’m rating you wrench first boy, now shut up and get on my horse, YEAAAAHA

No, they’re probably alts to Bubz:


Stay away, I have scout’s mother in hostage.

Haha, oh man. :wtc:

Frenchie, you’d be feeling up in a man before that spastic little sissy’s mother even crossed your mind.

Now go wave your white flags somewhere else.


Whats wrong with the Engineer’s crotch. :L


No horses?

I find this complete lack of horses disturbing and offensive. Texas is basically made of horses and cowboy hats. Horses.

And rodeos. With horses.