Thats it, its over...

Their was something about this I didn’t like, but then I was like fuck it.


That’s impossible.

It’s not over until the FPS jelly fills your screen.

The picture is good.
But the comment above me is both hilarious, and true.

I’m sorry, I don’t like those models. Look at the grey suit guy’s knee, it’s all flippy-floppy. And the hands are pretty weird.

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Not saying the posing is that bad.

I’m pretty sure only MW2 and BO had the jelly.

It ain’t over till this is on our screen’s

its freakin’ awesome. btw whats the map?


IMO it kind of needs a muzzle flash and some blood on the guy who is getting shot.

He hasn’t been shot yet…

Can somebody explain this to me? Is that some new meme reference to something?


Because when you get shot, the blood squirts into your eyes.