That's not a knife...

Now that’s a knife.

Fucked up motion blur, his wrist turned way too much. I know you did that to show that angle of the knife but you made his wrist look fucked like I said.

Hehe, the expression on that guys face is great. Crocodile Dundee don’t play that shit.

Actually no, the wrist is pretty normal, it’s the contrast mixed with your view of things plus the way the blade is positioned.

Oh my god, I just made a reply without any cursing.

Actually its his arm that is turned way too much must be painful, also the other guy isn’t even looking at him.

You must have pretty fucked up arms then

lol priceless

I don’t follow

I dunno why you think that’d be painful unless your arms are somehow fucked or their range of motion is impaired, because not only does it look entirely plausible to me, I can also do it easily with no pain or discomfort

Your bones must be made out of paper if your hand hurts when you bend it like that. I can bend it even further and it doesn’t hurt.

Actually, he is but the blur shows him looking past him.

Looks like a darker male enhancement commercial.

I busted out laughing at this.
“Feeling bad about your tiny dick? Getting tired of your colleagues laughing at you? Are they showing off their little stiletto knives? Compensate with this big ass kukri!”

Jason incoming!

That’s not a knoife.

This is a knoife.

I love the blurry focus effect.