Thats not funny...

Wtf is happening with his Suit?

The maps lighting.

Although i removed the phong from the material foldiers after taking the above image, before taking the thread image, so it was just that one room, it looked fine everywhere else.

I remember him saying that as his last words from the cartoon.

Well this pose is based on that scene, after all. :v:

they had to cut that out for cartoon network. aswell as him stabbing batman in the knee with a knife

in the cartoon he “fell” into an electric chair and died offscreen


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Bet they dont even show Harley Quinn trying to fuck joker either!

lol oh my god lol

See told you bet they dont show that on Cartoon Network! The sexual tension and the women beating!

They also had to cut a lot more out in order to get a PG rating.


Also here’s the actual scene.