The 0.00 Bug

Would someone mind telling me how to remove the 0.00 after someone talks?

Could you elaborate?

Don’t use string.gsub, string.Replace or string.Trim directly in a RunConsoleCommand call in your custom chatbox.


Weren’t Replace and Trim fixed?

I dont know about Trim but i use Replace and that works fine.

Put a file called openaura in lua/autorun and add this to the file.
string._gsub = string.gsub
function string.gsub(wat,the,hell)
local t,n = string._gsub(wat,the,hell)
return t

if SERVER then

And potentially break other scripts? Nope.

Fix it where the actual error is, ie.

[lua]RunConsoleCommand( “say”, string.Replace(text, “”", “~”) );

– fixed:
text = string.Replace( text, “”", “~” )
RunConsoleCommand( “say”, text );[/lua]