The 1 week Garry's Mod gamemode competition 2015

Welcome to the 1 Week Garry’s Mod gamemode creation competition 2015! ( O1WGMGCC for short :v: )

This competition is where you fight for the best to produce the best Garry’s Mod gamemode you can in 1 week!

  • NO DarkRP edits!

 Their must be hook.Call("wgcc_fin_nextgamemode") at the end of your gamemode. 

  • Gamemode must be created within the 1 week timeframe.
  • Gamemode must be from scratch.
  • The gamemode must have the theme somewhat incorporated in the gamemode
  • Be creative!
  • The finished gamemode must be sold for free, not on any services like ScriptFodder.
  • If you want to use a base, you can only use this as a base, you are not allowed to use your own.
  • You can use whatever materials/models you want, but if they aren’t yours, be sure to credit the authors of the item.
  • If you are a Judge, you cannot participate in the comp.
  • If you’re out of idea’s, you can use Niandra’s gamemode idea thing.

Failure to comply with the rules may cause a disqualification.

When you become first, second or third you get to choose whatever you want out of the prize pool.

1st: 3 choices in prize pool and first pick
2nd: 2 choices in prize pool and second pick
3rd: whatever left in prize pool.

The prize pool consists of:

  • Gold Facepunch membership (If you already have it, you can give it to someone else)
  • Title Change
  • GEARCRACK Arena (Donated by James)
  • Any Steam game to the value of $30 to the prize pool. (Donated by The Commander)
  • SSL certificate for a year (Donated by James)
  • Any $10 Steam game (Donated by sarge)

First off post here if you want to participate. You don’t have to share you gamemode idea, you can surprise all of us when the week is complete.

When the desired time has started and the theme has been presented, You will start creating your gamemode.
If you want, you can post your progress here or the Garry’s Mod WAYWO.

 Once your gamemode is complete, you must have hook.Call("wgcc_Fin_NextGamemode") at the end of it. 

Once the week has completed, you will have 30 minutes to upload the gamemode to and post it here. It would be nicer if you put a video along side it. [sp] If you want to post it earlier, you can post it here and i’ll download it and use the downloaded version when its judging time. [/sp]

The Judges will then proceed to look at the gamemode and choose who should be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Exploderguy - SUBMITTED
Fortune11709 - SUBMITTED
[del] YourStalker [/del] - Only had the chance to mark 2
sarge997 - SUBMITTED
Rhapsody - SUBMITTED


All the judging will be hosted on a Linux server. So don’t capitalize your shit.

  1. The judges will play your gamemode and take notes if necessary.
  2. Once the gamemode has ended, your gamemode should call the hook wgcc_fin_nextgamemode and stop doing anything ( i.e. Stop starting new rounds, etc )
  3. After 5 minutes, your gamemode will change to the next gamemode as well as the map the next gamemode will have have stated in the txt file in their gamemodes directory.

Rinse and repeat

[del]Gamemode creation will be 9/7/15 9:00 am AEST to 16/7/15 9:00 am AEST ( GMT + 10 )[/del]
The gamemodes should be completed on 16/7/15 9:00 am AEST

Judging will commence soon after that.

Here’s a little countdown thing from jackool

There are 2 themes, you can choose which one you want to do! The themes are: Cartoon or Magic, and you MUST have them somewhat incorporated in your gamemode.

The Marking Criteria is so you know what the judges will be marking you on. This is to give you a rough idea on what we are expecting.
Marking Criteria will be as follows:


Does the gamemode have troubles working? (Y/N) - -1 marks

Does the gamemode incorporate the theme? (Y/N) - If no, then DISQUALIFIED

Does the gamemode have the wgcc_fin_nextgamemode hook at the end of it? (Y/N) - If no, then -10 pts.

Would you play it again? (Y/N) - +2 marks

Would you host the gamemode? (Y/N) - +1 mark

What would you rate the gamemode? (1-10) - +%rating% = marks


Visual Design (1-3) - +%rating% = marks

Playability (1-3) - +%rating% = marks

Originality (1-3) - +%rating% = marks

General Judge Comments

The judge would add some constructive criticism here

Bonus points

  • Shia - +1 mark
  • postal’s ass - +1 mark
  • THAT cat - +1 mark
  • Ellen Pao - +1 mark
  • Melons - +1 mark

Marks: /23 Bonus Marks: /5


grunewald with Apocalypse-Aftermath
BFG9000 with Bronx GB3k
|Royal| with Magic Labyrinth
TheMrFailz with Paintballz
MadParakeet with Ragdoll Combat II
FireArrow with Spell Deathmatch
bobbleheadbob with Toon Wars
Breny with Warlocks: Ultimate Push Party

Contest Entries have closed.


Damnit I was working on a map…

Oooo just had an idea thanks to Niandra.

(Also: Yes.)

I thought had this great idea and then it fizzled…

So I can sell it, but it has to be for free?


So we can make whatever we want? I’ve been mulling over an idea for the past few days, not sure if it’s something I could get into a functional state in only 2 days, also not sure if I want to make it public.

I’m willing to participate regardless.

I wanna do it

Challenge accepted.

I’d love to but that time frame just kills me with my work schedule - put me down as interested just so I can see how my schedule will turn out and hop in if I can.

I’m in. Must it be multiplayer?

I’ll be a judge, looking forward to seeing what everyone makes :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I need qualifications to be a judge, but I made this:

I’m willing to be a judge

I’ll give it a try

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Actually count me out, due to time constraints I won’t be able to participate

Can I be a judge? :slight_smile: pmed you

How do you expect to be sure the submission was made from scratch in the allotted time?

I do see that being a problem. Right now I’m just busting my brain trying to think of something to make. Usually in game jams a theme is selected and revealed when the contests starts to discourage that kind of thing.

I’d have much more fun taking the piss out of a chosen category than taking the piss out of my own choices.

Not going to participate with a time-frame less than 4-5 days (Already lost 10 hours), but can’t wait to see the results.

Maybe we should have a theme then? Ill come up with something then tell you when the time starts?

Aww fuck, it’s like the old Fretta competitions. I wish I could participate but won’t be around, good luck guys!

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2000th post, where did my life go :slight_smile: