THE 24 HOUR MAPPING CHALLENGE V2 : Saturday 18th June | Sunday 19th June





Posting this early to allow people who are taking part to be prepared.

To join simply make a new post and have a link to your Livestream and a 592x120 banner of your username or something like the ones bellow.
Stream will go from 19th June 2011 @ 5PM to 20th June 2011 @ 5PM.

Participants are bellow:
(Red = Stream offline | Green = Streaming)




That coalition font is supposed to be used either all caps or no caps just so you know.

Yep. Will change it.

Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge to me, more of an every day occurrence . If my internet wasn’t so terrible (Download/Upload Limit) I’d run a stream.

Heh, we all done it a few weeks ago. I lasted it, and J-B was lasting it until his PC gave him problems 20 hours into it! :sigh:

hawx told me to ask people first if i can map in cryengine 2.

sooooo FP can I map in cryengine 2?

Ninja. For aspen to use the Crytek engine

Agree = Yes. Disagree = No.

If this is a competition, then no. If this is for fun, then sure.

Tempted to join in, but I don’t know if I’ll be free at the weekend.

Nope, it’s for fun. Same as last one.

This time i hope my PC wont act like an asshole after 20 hours

[editline] lol [/editline]

Hurr durr
Just finished my new banner

Count me most likely in. I’ll probably just baffle in 3ds Max + unreal anyway.

Think I’ll try and get some of my BioShock map done, I’ll post a banner later.

Will be learning Maya though.

Saturday 18th June | Sunday 18th June :v:

count me in lol

Saturday to Sunday?

I would, but i have to work. :smith:

[editline]15th June 2011[/editline]

I’ll watch what I can though.

I can’t imagine working on a weekend, do you ever have a day where you can stay up all night?

I might give this a go. We’ll see how things play out.

[del]friday.[/del] Thursday