The 29th ID v3

So yeah… it’s here… and shitz.

Has a shit ton of bodygroups as you can see in the picture below.


Srgt. Shotup: Being awesome in hacking models together.
Zupadupazupadude: Colouring some pixels.
Wile E. Coyote: Base skin.
Gearbox: Making the wool camo strips for the helmet.


Dah download:

Looks good man

Finally on HL2 citizens’ heads. :smile:

The Day of Defeat soldiers’ face still haunts me with no reason. :open_mouth:

There overall’s look a tad too bright green. but other than that awesome.

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What do you mean tad too bright green, i researched this shit countless times, this is what it looks like. :slight_smile:

It does seem like the anti-tank gunner’s pants are kind of oversaturated.

My only gripe is the random bullet hole in each of the pants. Are these changeable with bodygroups/skingroups?

Eeh no, i didn’t even notice those bullet holes. But, i’ll update the skin a little more then, hold on a second.

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Hold on a little while longer, filefront is doing stupid.

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Got the fix up!

Finally there is something new in this section (and it’s not a stupid bump of 3 year old thread). Good job with the skins, zupa. And hacks are good too. Does it still have that shitty DOD rig with hands clipping though the sleeve?

We didn’t really pay attention to that, but judging the image, it seemse they don’t.

How’s the pose-ability?

I used to be a soldier in the 29th ID, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

I don’t think Taliban are so primitive that they use bows and arrows.

Maybe they modified some of their weapons to fire arrows? :v:

Whoever made that into a meme should be banned from the internet, the internet destroys jokes in seconds.

My apologies, but with the holes in the leg and all I just couldn’t help myself.

kill yourself

edit: ok sorry dont kill yourself

everybody has arrow on his knee…
I mean. bullet.
good. looks okay

Ask Rossum, according to him, they only degenerate as far as flintlocks and blunderbusses, and even then they’re still not so primitive.

Looks pretty good man, I just don’t like the holes in their pants and they could use some rank tabs like Private and etc.

The holes are fixed, and the ranks… no. This way it can be any rank.