The 3rd Bday ( Aya model )

Could someone plz make models from the 3rd bday like Aya and the twisted? it will be muchly aprreciated . :slight_smile:

You’re supposed to include pictures when you make a request.

EDIT: Holy shit, Jensen Ackles from “Supernatural” voices a character in this?!

What the actual shit is this game about if the main character’s name is a blatant anagram of Bay Area?

-Insert nosebleed here-

She fights aliens and stuff. And there’s some weird thing about time travel and parallel realities and genetics or something like that, I don’t know much about it, either. It’s apperentley a sequel to an older classic game called “Parasite Eve”.




Sort of.

yeah, forgot pics, im still a newbie here aka. noob :slight_smile:

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actually she does kinda use time travel by using the “overdive” ability of hers

I haven’t played the game but I love the design for this character, I’m definitely supporting this request.

Well, as I said, I’m not familiar with this series, I was going purely on what I was seeing in the trailers.

Tnx for the support. :)) by the way the game’s awesome try playing it 1 time

Man i hope someone makes the model of hers…

Don’t double-post in your own threads, I know your new. I’m just telling you this because people have done it before and usually their request doesn’t get done.

ok, tnx for the tip

Overdive allows her to time travel in a sense as well as use the bodies of fellow soldiers.
She fights Twisted, which, is in fact apparently not an alien. Technically, it’s a virus the size of a truck that wants to rip off your face. Makes little sense, but I love them enough to make some ceramic sculptures of them. I’d love an Aya model + some twisted.

dont they look awesome :slight_smile: